Venture In & Explore Spooky Moon Rocks

Spooky Moon Rocks is a metaphysical rock shop specializing in all things rocks, crystals,
and stones which will be quickly shipped directly to you. We take pride in our diverse
selection of quality healing crystals, ranging from raw and polished minerals to assorted
carved pieces and figurines. Prior to shipment, all items will be Reiki-infused unless
otherwise requested. Whether you're drawn to the protective energy of raw black tourmaline,
the calming energy of lepidolite, or the protective and spiritual nature of amethyst, we are
sure to have a stone or crystal that will meet your needs.
Many crystal connoisseurs have discovered the powerful manifesting qualities of candle
quartz, the protective nature of dragon blood stone, and the creative qualities of carnelian.
Step into our universe where every piece, from celestite to obsidian, resonates with
individuals like you with power and purpose.
Visit our online metaphysical rock shop and find that special piece that calls to you. Have
questions? Feel free to reach out to us and we'll be pleased to answer your questions.
Great News! Our metaphysical rock shop is expanding! Arriving soon are smudges, books, chime candles, candle holders, unique tarot cards, and oracle decks and more!