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Moss Agate Star Figurine Palm Stone Grounding Communication 28652S

Moss Agate Star Figurine Palm Stone Grounding Communication 28652S

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1 Carved & Polished Natural Moss Agate Star Palm Stone - Healing Crystal Mineral - Metaphysical Reiki Chakra Wicca

Please note: please look carefully at the photos for the natural features of this Moss Agate as it has some nice open geodes that have been polished but not polished out.

Stone Origin:  India

Approximate measurements: 2 1/8" diameter and 1/2" thick

Approximate weight: 39.97 grams

You will receive the exact piece pictured in this will be cleansed and Reiki infused prior to shipment.


Stability Persistence Grounding

Moss Agate is a beneficial stone for almost anyone.  It provides balance and stability.  Helps those who are recovering from an illness or an addiction.  Slow and steady support.  It grounds one, assists with achieving one's goals. Enhances mental concentration, persistence, endurance and completion of goals.

Moss Agate encourages a peaceful temperament, helps develop a stronger will and lessens mood swings.  Opens inner doors to communications with nature spirits.  Helps one find a higher purpose and release negative karma.  Excellent for cleansing and new beginnings.

Other Moss Agate Info:

Associated Zodiac Sign(s): Virgo

Associated Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Associated Number(s): 1

Associated Chakra: Base, Sacral, Throat

Please note: Crystal info listed here is for informational purposes only. My reference sources are works by Judy Hall and Robert Simmons.

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