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Red Garnet In Matrix Point Tower Love Protection 28212S

Red Garnet In Matrix Point Tower Love Protection 28212S

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1 Carved Polished Natural Red Garnet in Matrix Point Tower - Healing Crystal Mineral - Metaphysical Reiki Chakra Wicca

Stone Origin: India

Approximate measurement: 3 3/4"x 1" x 1"

Approximate weight: 108 grams

You will receive the exact piece pictured in this has been cleansed and Reiki charged!

Love  Courage Protection

Almandine Garnet is a very powerful energizing stone.  It protects you and is said to warn you of approaching danger.  Very useful in times of crisis by bringing courage and hope.  Stimulates awareness.  Excellent stone for past-life recall and out-of-body experiences.

Garnet inspires romantic love, passion, sensuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self-confidence. Helps us become more productive. Red Garnet energizes and revitalizes, balancing energy and bringing serenity. It activates other crystals, amplifies their effect and clears negative chakra energy. 

Other Garnet Info:

Associated Zodiac Sign(s): Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Element: Earth

Associated Number(s): 2

Associated Chakra: Root and Purifies and Energizes all Chakras

Please note: Crystal info listed here is for informational purposes only. My reference sources are works by Judy Hall and Robert Simmons.

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