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Kyanite Black Fan Blade Raw Healing Meditation 29477S

Kyanite Black Fan Blade Raw Healing Meditation 29477S

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1 Raw Natural Black Kyanite Fan Blade Wand Specimen - Healing Crystal Mineral - Metaphysical Reiki Chakra Wicca

Stone Origin: Brazil

Approximate Size: 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1/2"

Approximate Weight: 40.89 grams

You will receive the exact piece pictured in this will be cleansed and Reiki infused prior to shipment. 


Healing Meditation Amplifier

Black Kyanite is a powerful healing stone and helps one release built up anger and stress.

It assists one in fully incarnating into earth life and moving back into the between-life state to access knowledge of current life plan as well as into other lives.

It is excellent for attunement, meditation and hypnosis.  It is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies. 

It points one to your true identity and fulfilling your true vocation.  

Other Black Kyanite Info:

Beneficial for: Anger, Stress, Healing, Dream Recall

Associated Zodiac Sign(s): Aries, Taurus, Libra

Associated Number(s): 4

Associated Chakra: Aligns all

Please note: Crystal info listed here is for informational purposes only. My reference sources are works by Judy Hall and Robert Simmons.

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