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Peacock Ore Raw Piece Wellness Joy Balance 29193S

Peacock Ore Raw Piece Wellness Joy Balance 29193S

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1 Raw Natural Peacock Ore aka Bornite Piece - Small Palm Stone Size - Healing Crystal Mineral Metal - Metaphysical Reiki Chakra Wicca

Stone Origin: USA

Approximate measurements: 2" x 1 1/8" x 1"

Approximate weight: 62.95 grams

You will receive the exact piece pictured in this listing...It has been cleansed and Reiki charged!

Wellness Upliftment Acceptance

Peacock Ore aka Bornite is the stone of upliftment. It offers balance and increased perception with one's emotions and thoughts. Brings about the overall feeling of joy and acceptance.

It helps one find new ways and opportunities to achieve goals and dreams.

It has very strong positive energy!

It is a powerful chakra it one of your chakras and it will work on all!
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